EV Installation

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At JW Shaw Electric, we offer Electric Vehicle (EV) charging installation & services.
Tesla Certified & DTE Energy Certified - Professional EV Installations


EV Chargers

Here’s how we can help at your house:

  • An on-site consultation to determine exactly what your needs are
  • Guide you through the selection process of, wall connectors, chargers, and receptacles
  • Help determine the correct setting or type of charger based on you service size and existing load
  • Provide you with a clear and concise quotation
  • Complete a clean install in a timely manner

Work place EV Charging systems:

  • Employee benefit when business offers no cost charging solutions
  • Attraction and retention of employees for adopting EV’s Green environment.
  • Image – Show off your appreciation for efficient, energy independent, and supporting future EV’s
  • Public image of your business – instantly gain new customers for providing EV chargers while shopping or Dining.

Public Charging stations:

  • Dedicated parking
  • Level 2 or Level 3 (DC Fast Chargers)
  • Affordable EV charging Stations
  • Low Installation cost
  • Flat monthly Fees (3G cellular)
  • No equipment leasing programs
  • Multiple charging stations.
  • New customers, shopping or dining
  • Accept Credit Card for time used
  • State incentives/rebates

EV Chargers Installation

Charging At Home

A woman is holding the hose to fill up her car.

Charging At Work

A white car is plugged into the charger.

Public Charging

A charging station for electric vehicles in front of a brick wall.